Stronger, Each Fall.

A poem on Christ, our Hope.
As I walk through the gates
To a life I’ve always dreamt of
The pride and joy on my shoulders,
Also weigh with despair.
Never did I realize,
Life wasn’t meant sole
The serenity of solitude
Tempted me sore.
With life’s burdening woes
All alone on this road,
Mind clogged with fears and failures,
The beginning of a fall.
We’ve all dreamt to reign,
To capture and to conquer.
Why did we forget,
To love and to adore?
Like a child taking his first step
I put my foot ahead,
Only to have the giant world
Look down and push astray.
I whimper, I cry
I’m above, I’m ahead
I fall, I crawl
I’m up, I’m strong.
Like the moonless night tonight
The silence of the solitude
Echoes a deafening scream within
Breaking barriers and walls.
My beloved, you ain’t alone
Run to my arms and I shall carry you ashore
For Christ has died for you on the cross
Isn’t His grace sufficient in weakness?
When all of might is fallen low,
And your trust broken deep down
Lay your hope on the strongest tower,
For He’ll be your rock and fortress.
And now shall my head look up,
Where will my help come from?
Like the promise, the rainbow reminds,
There’s hope.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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