Into my Father’s Arms

If the earthly fathers you and I have can care so much beyond our ages and natures, how much more do you think, Abba cares for us?

‌”Denesis, Ethodus, Levithicus….” two year old Salome was reciting the sixty six books of the Bible diligently. Somewhere after Hosea, she got stuck. That one moment completely cut the flow. She was scared. She was nervous. Terrified out of her wits , Salome started searching the crowd for someone. Her frantic eyes stopped at a point. I lightly turned my head behind. It was her father. Seeing the unspoken emotions whirl in her eyes, he came to the stage and stood besides her. Salome latched onto his index finger immediately. It was a heartwarming and an extremely nostalgic sight to witness. With her father besides her two year old frame, Salome had found her strength. She had found the courage to recite all the sixty six books without stuttering and to be lauded with a round of applause.

‌I was immediately reminded of 1 Peter 5:7, ” Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.”

‌The phrase, “He cares for you”, always, I repeat, always captures my attention. The God of heaven and Earth, the boss of all, cares for You and I. We show our love and concern often with texts like, “Be safe”, “Text me when you reach”, “Have food on time”. Our heart swells each time we receive a text of that sort. However, how many times have you stopped to hear Christ whisper to you, ‘I Care for You.’ How many times have you took a pause when you’re drowning in your anxiety to hear Christ gather you into his arms and whisper, ‘I care for You’

Now, before I conclude, let me bring to you another instance.

It was around 1:30 am on a chilly January night when I got off the bus with a plastered leg. My house though near to the bus stop was situated on a raised platform. My Dad came rushing to my aid and offered me his hand. That moment, I wasn’t a 22 year old woman returning back home from work 4 hours away from home , I was my Daddy’s little girl. I had returned back to my safe haven. I was within his strong hold. Entering the home, he was fussing with how I’d move with the immobile leg in the upcoming days. He was full on busy stating on the Do’s and Don’ts. He just wanted me to be okay. The upcoming days were the busiest for my parents with the Convention in full swing. Yet, there wasn’t a single day, they forgot to give me food on time or to check up on me. I can’t thank them enough with words. I’ll forever remain indebted.

With a heart full of gratitude and swelled with pride, I write this to you, my dear friends and beloveds, if the earthly fathers you and I have can care so much beyond our ages and natures, how much more do you think, Abba cares for us?

Next time you’re trying to sleep with swollen puffy eyes and strangled breaths or you’re standing somewhere with your heart broken and despair eating you alive, or when you’re sinking in the miry clay, Take a moment, Pause for a second, feel him embrace you into his huge arms and hear his hushed whisper to your heart, “I care for you, Darling!”

Photo by Arleen Wiese on Unsplash

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