Helplessly Tamed

Tribute to all women across ages who have faced any kind of harassment.

Disclaimer : This is the poet’s tribute to all women across ages who have faced any kind of harassment. This is written in imaginary nature and is nothing personal. Cheers.

There is an innocence
There is a sparkle
In a young girl
Unfathomable like no other

Haven’t each of us been always warned
About the dangers involving strangers
And yet in the rebellion
How does a stranger feel home?

They could blame her attire
Or her folks for her upbringing
Yet they could never man up enough
To finally identify the victim

The bubbly laugh was
Her father’s pride
And the contagious smile
Her mother’s honour

Life changes
Within moments
And maybe, she’d too
Never see the sun of the day

Was her uniqueness
The cause of her downfall?
Or was it
The prevailing inhumane artifacts?

World could name a thousand reasons
And yet never return her smile
You could fight for her
And yet she’d never look at you with the same eyes

Darkness now, scares her
And so does a mere human contact
Every handshake a throttle to the neck
And every hug a silent death

The hands that grabbed her
Left stinging marks
A mere look now
Would leave her skin burning

Who would understand?
Who would actually feel?
Was it really a reality?
Or just a passing nightmare?

Emotions that betrayed her
Were foes more than folks
Wearing heart on sleeves she learnt
Was really not a smart move

Would times ever change
For flaws to be beautiful
Or would beauty always be defined
In the absolute haux perfectness

Yet dear sweetheart,
Out of all you went through
I want you to know today

In moments deep
When life’s a sinking sand
Let me hold your hand
To raise you to the cornerstone

Don’t lose hope, beloved
Heaven still loves you
Like a phoenix you’d too
Rise from the ashes

Photo by Saneej Kallingal on Unsplash


Author: Vinisha Vinoy

Writer | Poet | Published Columnist - Surviving life with a smile

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