Who’s Thinking About You?

“Dad, what does God Think about?” After all, if God knows everything - past, present and future - what does He have to think about?
Who's thinking about you

A little boy asked his father, “Dad, what does God Think about?” Now that’s a profound question. After all, if God knows everything – past, present and future – what does He have to think about? Well the answer to this question lies in Psalms 40:17 wherein we come to know that God thinks about you and me! There are 3 ways in which God thinks about us.

Firstly, God thinks about us personally. He doesn’t have to be told about us. He doesn’t have to send a committee of angels to investigate our feelings, problems, frustrations or needs. God knows us personally and He knows our names. It always encourages me to read in the Bible that God calls His people by name. He knows us better than our closest friends or loved ones do. He knows our needs and what’s bothering us today.

Secondly, God thinks about us lovingly. He doesn’t think thoughts of evil about us. He isn’t a policeman looking to arrest us. No, our Father in heaven thinks about us lovingly, the way a father and a mother think about their children.

Thirdly, God thinks about us wisely. He has a perfect plan for our lives. David said, “The Lord will perfect that concerns me” (Psalms 138:8). When God decides to work in us, we might not see all the pieces and how they fit in together, but the fact is Our Father knows what He is doing and that’s all that matters in our life.

To the one who is reading the blog right now, let me encourage you that nothing is hidden from the eyes of God. For He knows you intimately. He knows not only your name but your every need. He knows what is best for you and always does what is right. Are you waiting for Him to answer your cry? Trust in Him and wait patiently for He will answer, because, He is thinking about you – all the time.


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