Mr & Mrs George

God completes both man and woman together, He makes a cord of three strands that is so strong and no one can dare to break it.
Mr & Mrs George

“Yes!” said Ms . George , 4 years back in a beautiful resort wedding to Mr. George (whose belly was slightly more prominent now with the red rice and beef meals).

The Bible says cord of three strands is stronger. Usually signifying the bond between a man, woman and God.

Taught and preached in many Christian weddings and printed in many wedding cards too. It took me so long to understand the depth of this verse.

A couple in love may often say, “You complete me”, but with time and as they get closer the completeness feels more like a complexity.

Partners end up arguing and several times feel – ‘does he or she really understand me?’

3 months back I was providing my counselling services as a family counselor and I tried every skill of what my grad book on psychology had taught me and found myself more in doubt than reaching a solution to Mr. and Mrs. George’s problem. I remember her scream at him, “I don’t think I can keep you happy”, the other one looked pitiful and said, “Maybe you should find someone better then, who would keep you happy.” 4 years back they looked like they were more than perfect for each other!

Three months and still trying to figure out what is going wrong . They had known Christ. They had known how a Bible talks about loving each other. They know that there is prayer every Thursday and the parotta and chicken curry was never missed.

God, what were they missing then?

I went back to meet the first man and woman and their relationship with God. True that Eve was made for Adam but without God they were lost! True, they can fill each other’s loneliness but they cannot complete each other! They were not sufficient for each other. For that matter no woman would have made Adam complete and no man would have made Eve complete because only and only God could.


As a couple, they missed one thing, the sole understanding that, ‘Christ completes a man and Christ completes a woman’ NOT as we say it ‘a man completes as woman or a woman completes a man.’

In more romantic terms ‘A man’s better half is Christ and a woman’s better half is Christ.’

Wow! All this while I kept hunting to find that right man who would make me happy and I am sure when you reach a point in life wanting to hear the wedding bells or if you are married and may even have three children, there is always a hunt for that person who can really fill that void in you!

Of course we are made in God’s image and when the devil separated man from God, our hearts have become so void and empty. So He did this amazing thing, He sent His only Son so as to fill that void with love!

In this garden of Eden, in your relationship right now, in your marriages, in your families, in your friendships, in your work and in your hearts, understand this truth, inscribe this: ‘Christ came down to complete you.’

It is my promise you will be so much at peace to know that no one on earth was made to complete you but Christ alone. He is your better half.

He not only completes a woman, He also completes a man and together He makes a cord of three strands that is so strong and no one can dare break it. The cord can pull life’s biggest obstacles away .

I went back to the couple and told them ‘You cannot keep each other happy, the truth is even if you divorce and re marry, still no one can keep you happy.’ You should have seen their faces, they were so pale as if they saw a ghost. They were judging me to be a harsh counselor, they must have started to feel that I was insulting them for being bad human beings and before that happened, I added, “because only Christ can complete any human.”

“Just understand this, His reason to come back to what He created was to establish this bond.”

“You will find completeness in each other when He fills you first. He gave us His Holy Spirit as he ascended to Heaven so that we are not void again.”

“He was and is and should be your better half. This way you will start to accept each other, the way Christ accepted you.”

And they lived happily ever after.

Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

10 responses to "Mr & Mrs George"

    Angel Thankachan says:

    Awesome writing and thought. They say Christ should be the center of your relationship and you Feba percy Paul said why exactly it is so important.

    Feba says:

    Thank you Angel Thankachan !
    I can only thank Him for knitting this in me and your interest to read it .

    Aksa says:

    Truly an inspiring message.. … In today’s world its hard to create such an unbreakable strands…that won’t be disintegrated..despite, if they keep Christ as the cornerstone…. Good effort!!!

    Feba says:

    True Aksa. Just wanting Christ can heal so many things in today’s world !
    Thank you 🙂

    Feba says:

    Thank you Aksa .
    Disintegration and division means need for Christ and we really need Him in the current times !

    Veena Soni says:

    “accept each other as God accepted you”… more better verse to define perfect love…
    Feba….May God bless you with more wisdom so you be a blessing to many

    Feba says:

    Thank you Veena .
    Glad that you are blessed .
    God bless you too !

    Natasha says:

    Awesome!! A verry inspiring post… Reminding us how strong the cord of three is..

    Stella says:

    Beautiful writing. ..with personal deep insights from the Word!
    Some tips on how to let God complete us would be very helpful too.

    Feba says:

    Thank you Natasha and Stella !
    I am happy that you liked it 🙂

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