True Identity

Our true identity is an expression of who Christ is and what He has done. He is our true identity.

“Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in this world”1 John 4:4

We as men and women of God go through this “religious” cycle, and never understand our true identity. We tend to live in a complacent lifestyle instead of walking and living in God’s full inheritance of what He purposed for man.

We are living in the greatest time in the history of the universe, where God is revealing His Wisdom and understanding to His children, just like the tribe of Issachar – they knew the times and seasons.

My question today stands to the men and women of God; why don’t we have dominion and authority over all things? The answer is very simple, because we don’t understand our true identity in Christ Jesus. We are waiting to die to possess it and the Word of God says “today is the day of Salvation, today you may enter His rest”. Salvation is not just having an experience of asking the Lord into your heart and recognizing He died on Calvary for you. It is appropriating what He did so you can walk in it.

God is calling forth a people in this hour to walk in the resurrection power. God is crying out to a people to be the resurrection of His Word and His Spirit in the earth. Resurrection means that no longer does the carnal nature have dominion over you, but now you’ve have to recognize your inheritance and authority of the Word and rise up and apply it, appropriate it, in your life. Christ destroyed all principalities, powers of death, hell, and now I must appropriate, stand in Christ’s nature, which now rules me.

Your spirituality is not directed or distinguished by your emotions or your senses or by what you feel. That has nothing to do with your spirituality. It’s an expression of your response to Him when the Spirit of God touches you. He is teaching you His presence and wakening you to His supernatural facet that you are not accustomed to. He uses our natural dominion to get our attention so that we pursue Him; He persuades us until we are only moved in the sovereignty of what His word says and not what we feel. It’s the way He tells you that you’re going in the right direction, but we don’t live on those feelings and emotions, we live in and through what the Word of God says, because it will never fail you or let you down. It is yes and amen.

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