In Love; with HIM

In love; with Him

Reminiscing about the Munnar camp days, particularly the second altar call on the third night by Rev. Aby Peter, inviting young souls to take a decision to Love Christ, I couldn’t feel my legs moving. In the midst of a crowd of 800, I was one of the very few left sitting. With a heavy heart and a burdened soul, I went back to the dorms that night. Alas! Sleep had left me long ago. Sitting on the stairs, gazing at the night sky, I let my tears flow free knowing very well none was out on the freezing midnight, wherein even the moon was also MIA. Wrapping a jacket around me, I sat in the solace of a paper and pen. Nothing came to me for almost two hours of me staring blankly unlike what I was used to. And that is when I realized, I had lost it. I had lost my connection. I sat there still, mourning my loss and nursing the broken heart. I had lost a relationship, all while chasing my dreams. That very night, I actually felt the heartbreak what poets described. With puffed up eyes and a running nose, under the midnight sky did I learn, one of the very important lessons for my life.
Hereby, young and beloved in Christ, I present to you, THE FIVE INEVITABLES FOR A SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP:
The first and foremost, the most important factor in any kind of relationship, is being constantly in touch with your lover. From the very good morning, the moment you wake up till the good night kiss, keeping your bae informed of you probably more than what your mum may know, it’s being constantly in touch. The amazing factor is, it happens to be a two-way relationship. “Prayer” is you talking to God and “The word” is God talking to you. It’s absolutely necessary for you to know Christ’s heart first, to love him as he deserves to be.
Knowing each other like the back of your hand and having no secrets or hidden truths between both is the beauty of any relationship. The absence of honesty causes us pain far more than what we give it credit for. Don’t let your past hinder your present. Be transparent. Be honest. Know Christ inside out and above all, make sure Christ knows you enough that you aren’t denied entry on the final call.
It so happens when you love someone wholeheartedly; you grow possessive of them. Jealousy overtakes the senses and possessiveness starts running through the veins – Submission is the secret. Christ says, “Whoever loves me, hearkens to my words” with which I understand and write out of personal experience – Obedience comes natural when you’re in love, because, your motto ends to be pleasing your beloved.
The very important inevitable part of any successful relationship is the personal intimacy between the lovers. Persis John in her book, “The Lover and his beloved” portrays the relationship with Christ as that of a married couple. If constant communication helps you be closer; intimacy let’s you inside each other breaking all the barriers.
David, in Psalm 51 writes, “Renew a right spirit within me” – indicating a renewal. We often lose the spark and the essence of our first love in the fast paced life. It’s really important, we renew our bond, refresh the spark and keep our lamps burning without fail for a healthy long lasting relationship.
Take a step closer and taste his mesmerizing love.
Constantly communicating, being honest, obedient and submissive, maintaining a personal intimacy and renewing my vows, I knew I had a long way to walk in this journey, but, I was sure I had my hand risen, whenever the next altar call was. To be constant in a relationship with my Lover and to be able to behold it’s beauty.
Come on people , fall in Love ! This is YOUR MOMENT.
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