God Loves a Good Sleeper

Anxiety about tomorrow clogs our mind while our head rests on the softest pillow. Our lifestyles, into which we squeeze God.

Second on my list of priorities as a mother is getting my son to sleep.

Are you sleeping well? Sleep eludes most of us. Work projects, assignments, social media, Netflix, World cup matches, babies, all stand in the way of a good rest. Anxiety about tomorrow clogs our mind while our head rests on the softest pillow. Our lifestyles, into which we squeeze God into, have a tendency to leave us restless. Fears creep up on us in our beds.

The panic attacks at the fag end of the day have mostly to do with our inadequacies, disappointments and hurts. The world teaches us we have to earn things. This amounts to unthinkable pressure that we mount on ourselves every minute of every day. While you are at it, fighting off demons of self doubt, a social media post pops up making life even miserable. It seems the entire world is a bit more happier, richer, luckier than poor you!

It is indeed a marvel then to get some sleep!

But solve this one mystery for me will you? God says he blesses those he loves in their sleep (Psalm 127). If you are His child, He loves for you to enjoy a good sleep. Your snoring is an audio signal to the universe that you trust in your Lord with all your heart. When you close your eyelids and rest without a flicker, He accepts it as an offering of faith. That same faith that can move the mountains!

God can work better without our interference. When we rest in His promises, He is able to do things for us which we slated as impossible. I can definitely work better without my son tugging at me every second, pulling out every single drawer, rummaging through Harpic, Colin, Rin and Dettol and drumming on vessels of all sizes and shapes. When he sleeps, I can prepare his meal with ease; put in a bit more love, a bit more carrots and beans.

God wants you to have those extra blessings. It is just His way of pampering you. But it comes with a condition: you must learn to sleep, learn to take Him at His Word. The hard toil of man is worthless without the gentle hand of God. So, it might do you better to sleep than slog aimlessly, after all you are the child of the Most High God!

I am grabbing my pillow. What about you?

PS: In case you cannot sleep wondering what my first priority is, it is ensuring my son eats well. I suspect the carrots and beans must have done me in though.

Photo by Tara Raye on Unsplash

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