Finish the race

Finish the race

I often wonder, why are there people who worry about my life more than me. People who have a say in my life other than my parents. Those who still manage to direct my life decisions. It’s amazing how I end up feeling miserable because of them, making me feel like it’s all my fault. And I end up in giving up on my dreams.

When I go against the current, 90% of the people around me label me as a ‘gone case’. Only handful of few encourage me. I may have a vision from God that is different from the usual, but as I end up listening to everyone around me, I become ignorant about HIS plan for my life.

The struggle is real in dealing with people staring at you and cursing you for not doing things the regular way. In the moment, when I’m not strong in faith, I end up becoming rebellious. And there are times when I have lost my complete confidence.

This is something I have learned that has helped me along the way. When we see a beautiful house and say, “Wow such a pretty house!” But could we say the same during the construction of the same beautiful house? No right? Only the builder knows what it’s going to be like. Only he sees the bigger picture. Just because some people complain or nag during the construction, he won’t stop the construction. It is just a matter of time.

When God gives us a vision, the path is not without any hurdles. It is not a rosy picture or magic that happens instantaneously out of the blue. It takes time to unveil its beauty. The question I need to ask myself is if I can trust God and be patient.

It is hard to be prayerful and thankful to God for all the experiences we go through, whether good or bad. The truth is that this journey makes us stronger and moulds us to become what God wants to be.
Yes, we might have temptation and sometimes fall but that cannot stop us from trusting God. David being appointed made endless mistakes and yet He was called to be “Man after God’s own heart.”

The final choice is ours, whether we choose to go ahead with the vision that God has given and submit completely to go through the hard procedure, to become the beautiful masterpiece that God wants us to be or just give up easily and shut our eyes to the glory of God.

It is Hard but with God by our side. It is POSSIBLE. It’s a Hurdle race, so if you fall it doesn’t matter just get up and finish the race!.

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Rhema Daniel

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