What is in your hand?

Do not be disheartened. Let yourself and all you have to God. So, are you ready to see extraordinaire happen with your hands?
What is in your hand

“I’m not equipped for this.” I am sure you have heard this statement before, as an excuse used to evade from taking responsibility. I have heard many around me say this; me myself use this as an excuse many a times. Well, it might be true that we do not have the right resources to perform something at a particular point of time. And in that way it’s totally fine to own it up. But let’s look at how things can be different.

Exodus 4:2 – The Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” He said, “A staff.”

A man from the Bible also tried his very best to avoid being given the charge of a few duties; Moses. He was just a shepherd when God appointed to him the task of delivering Israelites from their bondage in Egypt. And before we move forward, remember, Moses was a Prince before all this; learned, trained in all skills and knowledge for 40 years in Egypt, which might just be equal to the world’s best institute of that period. Yet, it did not equip him to save the Jews while he was still a prince. And now here he was, drained out of all that he had and all that he was, just tendering a flock of sheep. The task which a powerful, strong and young aristocrat was unable to do is given to him when he is just a weak, stammering shepherd.

Moses was reluctant to take the responsibility with an absolutely sane reason. He basically said, ‘I don’t have the right equipment or the capability to perform your assigned task. I just have a staff with me and nothing else. How can I lead more than 40 lakh people? What use am I of to you.’

But the scenario changes when Moses submits entirely before God. Moses is re-equipped. The insignificant staff used to lead the sheep turns into the rod of authority and power. His entire dependence on God and complete submission unleashes a lot of hidden resources within him. Miracles were performed with the small resource in Moses’s hand; miracles that made the Pharaoh tremble before Moses, miracles that made Israelites believe in him. God used the very little that Moses had and changed it into something unbelievable.

There are times when we speculate upon something and come to the conclusion that we are not experts in it. This makes us say that most common excuse of ‘I am not good enough.’ We question ourselves. When there are other people much better in this field, why would someone with no firsthand experience be accepted and recognised? If I fail in completing that task, would I be seen as a fool? These are the ambivalences that trouble us.

Often, many of us don’t recognise and believe in the talents, gifts and resources that we have. Some even feel that they do not have anything worthy in their hands. If you are unable to get started with a work you have been considered for, just free yourself from all those juxtaposing thoughts. Release yourself from that bondage holding you back. Keep your fear’s, doubts, anxieties aside. Give yourself entirely to God. Yes, the situation might seem bleak, the coast might be a little misty and unclear. You might think you don’t have what it requires to get in that space. People around you might even call your crazy and insane.

It is at this moment that we have to learn from that widow who went to Elisha with a mere jar of oil and an enormous debt before her; and that little boy who willingly placed those 5 loaves of bread and two fishes in Jesus’s hand to feed thousands. What they had in their hand was very little. But when they released everything before God, incogitable things happened.

Maybe you don’t see the right tool or resource in your hand. Do not be disheartened. Let yourself and all you have to God. He will work wonders through them and things will start to fall in their rightful place. So, are you ready to see extraordinaire happen with your hands?

Photo by Miranda Wipperfurth on Unsplash

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    Nidhi says:

    Very beautifully written. I have recently change my work and I feel very incapable in the new work, and today this writing has come as an encouragement for me and even today devotion was from the same lines.
    I have never stop reading Church Buzz beautiful writings. and here it is again a blessing for me. Congratulations to the team of church buzz, just beautiful. Iam sure it is a blessing for many others. God bless you guys.

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