• How powerful is your Touch?

    Dear friend, don’t give away your power of touch which can change circumstances and situations. Your touch can do miracles.

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  • I Forgive You

    This blog has taken me almost 3 months to write. God has been teaching me about forgiveness through a personal struggle that I’ve been going through. I hope and pray that as you read this, you find freedom in forgiveness as well. “I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, […]

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  • The Root Of Bitterness

    “Bitterness” is an adjective and has the following definitions: 1. Strong and sharp in taste: having a sharp strong unpleasant taste, for example, like that of orange peel 2. Resentful: angry and resentful. 3. Difficult to accept: painful or very hard to accept. 4. Hostile: expressing intense hostility. 5. Very cold: penetratingly and unpleasantly cold. […]

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  • Why did God raise Christ?

    It is through Christ’s death on the cross that our sins are forgiven, then why did God raise Christ?

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  • Unconditional Forgiveness

    Forgiveness does not come in installments but is given to us as a gift! You have been completely and eternally forgiven on account of Jesus. You need to settle this in your heart otherwise you’ll be tossed and turned by every mixed-up teaching.

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  • Forgiven and Forgotten!!

    God has forgiven and forgotten our sins through Jesus Christ. God says “NO MORE!!!” Today, when we go to Church, God’s marvelous light does not reveal how sinful we are, but how righteous we are in Christ!!

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