• How powerful is your Touch?

    Dear friend, don’t give away your power of touch which can change circumstances and situations. Your touch can do miracles.

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  • Embracing The Process

    Kopi Luwak Coffee– The most expensive coffee in the world with an average price of $100-$600 per pound/500g.   Do you know what makes this coffee so expensive? The Civet Cat (palm civet) is a nocturnal mammal native to tropical Asia and Africa and found mostly in forests. Wild civets only pick the ripest coffee […]

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  • Waiting – pain or a blessing?

    I was suffocating in my old job and was praying to God for a breakthrough with my husband. Nothing happened for a year.
    We remained stuck to where we were and could not see anything in the real world but God was working behind the scenes.

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  • Brokenness

    There are times when I have no idea why I have to go through so much of pain. And this time it wasn’t my fault.
    Why the pain? Why the suffering? Why wait for so long for His promises to come true?

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