Judgement and Justice!!

Judgement is that stone that you are not entitled to throw because the only one who was entitled to throw it, refused to even pick it up.

I will be honest from the beginning – “Judgement is that stone that you are not entitled to throw – because the only one who was entitled to throw it, refused to even pick it up.”

Let me clarify before we move forward – judgement doesn’t include correcting with love or helping someone see their mistake to bring good to them. But with so much of “not so good” stuff happening around us and people closest to you leading lives that can be easily tagged as “EVIL”, it is hard not to judge. You know why? Because Judgement is more of a perspective than an action and changing the perspective is always a challenge.

Matthew 7 tells me when I judge (make an opinion or conclusion about someone of why they are whatever they are or what they do whatever they do negatively), I need more help than the person who is being judged by me. I cannot see things clearly but I think I do (John 9:41). What should I do then? How can I ever see someone clearly? The good news is that you do not have to see others clearly to not judge them. You need to see yourself clearly to not judge them.

There was a vision that God gave me when I was struggling in this area. HE showed me 5 vessels made of clay. All 5 of them slipped off from the table and broke into pieces. HE told me you are one of these vases, so now tell me which one is better broken or worse broken than you? I said – “God, what kind of question is it? How can brokenness be compared?” HE said – “Look again, some of them have broken into more pieces than you and look at that one which looks like beyond repair. Don’t you think they are worse and you are still ok.” I said – “But God, all of them need to be repaired and I cannot tell you which one is better or worse than me because I am broken too”. God replied – “Exactly, then don’t you realise when I hear my one daughter judging another – I see one broken vase telling the other broken vase, ‘hey I’m not in as many pieces as you’. When mankind fell from ME it broke and no one was lesser or more broken.”

That’s how judgement looks like to GOD. We need to completely stop categorising sin (result of separation from GOD) on the basis of how acceptable or unacceptable it is according to the culture or society. I gossip but at least I do not smoke like her!! I trust God in hard times but look at him, he never even comes to the church!! Well yes I once did try porn but I have never had sex outside marriage like you!! Yeah I have never done big sins apart from just lying sometimes!

Really? Are we serious? Do you know this is blindness when you cannot see your pieces but can count the pieces of others lives one by one. That is a different story if you think you do not have pieces – then you need Romans 3:23 and 1 John 1:10. Since the beginning sinlessness has been a gift from God and not a human achievement so we need to get our facts right there.

In this world that already has so much of criticism we are called to model Jesus – not pick up the stone – get on our knees and intercede for the broken vessels of GOD . People say I can’t believe GOD loves me the way HE tells me – I have never seen anyone loving like that – then show them and love them like Jesus. We are called to do justice to our brothers and sisters by giving them mercy and compassion when they need it the most (Zec 7:9) and not judge them. You cannot be against people and then expect to see changes in their lives. You cannot sit on the judgement seat and expect them to evolve.You need to get down and stand with them and draw their hearts towards Father`s love and His unfailing kindness”

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    Aashish Cherian says:

    Wow, This is just incredible!

    Stephen Thomas says:

    Very well written.

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