It’s Okay

Honest musings of a mother.

Puzzle pieces on the bed,
Little train tracks across the floor,
A diaper or two near the door,
I’m learning to say, it’s okay.
Unkempt hair,
Days on end in the same nightgown,
Sometimes in worries drowned,
I’m learning to say, it’s okay.

Projects piled up over days,
Checklists endlessly perpetuate,
Beginning to lose my pace,
I’m learning to say, it’s okay.
Messy cupboards, noisy rooms,
People waiting for me on Zoom,
I’m learning to say, it’s okay.

Lightning prayers, unfinished devotions,
Communion with God in constant motion,
I’m learning to say, “It’s okay.”

Sometimes able to walk in freedom and truth,
Often times fragile with an impending sense of doom,
I’m learning to say, it’s okay.
Sometimes my days go so well,
Like a beautiful story that’s there to tell,
But others turn out to be an unsolved mystery,
Still, I’m learning to say, it’s okay.

It’s okay because I have a perfect Father
To love the imperfect me.
It’s okay because His Son took all the blame
So I can be free.
It’s okay because I now have a Friend inside
Who is my comfort and my guide.
It’s okay because everything I adore –
Family, friends, work and more –
Are all blessings poured out of heaven’s doors.

It was so easy to count my blessings
When everything was a-okay,
But there’s nothing like catching sight
Of a rainbow on a rainy day,
Me learning to say, “It’s okay,”
Is a lesson to learn through grace.
So in this season,
So static yet fleeting,
I’m learning to say, it’s okay.

2 responses to "It’s Okay"

    Monika Sajwan says:

    Beautiful 🥰 could totally relate to it 🙂
    I am learning to say, it’s okay!

    Devshri says:

    Beautifully expressed..!! With two kids, it is totally relatable… ❤️❤️

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