Dawn in the spiritual life of a Sikh

I was engrossed in loneliness, fear and anguish, wanted to finish of my life; finding no reason to live. I had lost hope. My parents forsaking me added to the plight. I had reached the dead end. It was then....

Life abundant gifted to a wretched man.

Now I am the most blessed man, because Jesus Christ lives in my heart.
Born was I on a fool’s day (1st April), when I first celebrated Christmas in its true sense, 31 years back. I was 26 years old. Jesus was born that year in my life, when I responded to the call to be his son. It was an unforgettable experience.

Being a fanatic Punjabi Sikh, I passionately followed the rituals of Sikhism. I could be rated as the staunch follower of Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh’s Holy Book). I would read daily as a matter of fact. Could not understand much, but my mother or father would interpret in simple language for me. I began to revere the teachings of Guru Nanak. But how could it pacify my inner turmoil of condemnation and negligence by my fellows! I turned alcoholic. Worsening of all, I was even more neglected.

Then around 1986, the message of the Gospel was shared to me, the good news. For some people the good news may be getting a good job or getting married to the most beautiful girl. But the good news to me was knowing that God is compassionate.

I was engrossed in loneliness, fear and anguish. I wanted to finish of my life, finding no reason to live. I had lost hope. My parents forsaking me added to the plight. I had reached the dead end. It was then, this message of Good News pierced the anguish of my heart and got the balm of compassion. I was handed a book, which I never read before, the Bible.

For the first time, I heard how Jesus Christ showed compassion to many, empathised with the needy, provided the wanting, healing the sick. Love was the outcome of his mercy filled with compassion.

Even though I was a good student, and a good player of Table Tennis, Cricket and many indoor games, but was seeking to be loved. Tears flowed, anguish multiplied.

Incidentally I met a friend of mine, who was my one door apart neighbour of the same age. I was meeting him after 8 years, as he had gone to England for his graduation and had become a believer of Jesus Christ. Whenever I would meet him in my hangover of wine, he talked to me more, showed the love which only someone special could show to the wretched man like me. It kept me wondering and clueless. There, I understood the love of Jesus being reflected in his attitude.

I found a friend so caring, rekindled hope in me. He would encourage me by saying that believers are not hopeless. Jesus Christ will forgive and bless me with an eternal life. It multiplied my joy. That day I felt different. Felt restful as I realized ‘The Peace of God’.

I broke the bottle of wine and was prayed on in the Name of Jesus. I have never got drunk since then.

This was the dawn of my new life, 1st April 1986, a fool’s day, a fool like me was given the wisdom and peace of God. A man who was about to give up his life was restored and experienced the joy of Jesus Christ, the Lord.

With knowledge and experience, I began to experience His presence and began to acknowledge him the Lord of my life. To cut the story short, I confessed my sins, gave my life to Jesus, became a believer, bible was my companion, Holy Spirit was my comforter. I live a reborn life now having a wonderful God-fearing, believing wife and two children, 18 years old son and 6 days less than 15 years old daughter.

Life without Jesus Christ was meaningless for me. 1986 was my New Year as Jesus was born in me, and the first day was 01-04-1986. This was the dawn of the New Year in my life. 

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