Creation Is Waiting

Creation Is Waiting by Samuel Thomas | Lighthouse Church | Delhi

Creation is Waiting

Many of us might have questions during this pandemic we’re going through, like:
Where is God in all of this?
Why isn’t God fixing this?
As Christians, what is our responsibility?

Romans 8:19 says, “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.”

So what exactly is the creation waiting for? The perfect creation that God created needs redemption since it has been polluted by us. It needs redemption from pollution, chaos, violence, and sickness. Creation is waiting on us to be redeemed since we are responsible for this. Creation is not waiting for God or His Son to be revealed, but rather for us to be revealed as sons.

The creation is waiting on us to be redeemed because when God created the earth, He gave man the authority to be responsible and to rule, reign over the earth. The destiny of creation is intertwined with our destiny. The day Adam sinned, creation was cursed. God subjected it to futility but in hope – the hope of our redemption, which means that when we are redeemed, so is creation. When we are completely redeemed, to a point where our physical bodies are also redeemed, creation will also attain redemption. For example, when we are blessed, we become a channel of blessing for others. When we get a taste of God’s love, we start loving people who are undeserving of our love. Similarly, when we are redeemed, we redeem creation! Anything God does in us cannot be contained or remain in us. It overflows and changes the atmosphere around us.

While we have been praying for God to do something and change the situation around us, He is longing to do it through us. He longs to partner with us to redeem creation. Are we willing to partner with Him for such a big purpose?

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