• Sammy
    February 22, 2016

    Waiting – pain or a blessing?

    I was suffocating in my old job and was praying to God for a breakthrough with my husband. Nothing happened for a year. We remained stuck to where we were and could not see anything in the real world but God was working behind the scenes.
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  • Mercy Dhara
    January 22, 2016

    Pause. Wonder. Praise!

    Ever paused after taking a bite from your favourite dish? Does it go down straight to your tummy or do you let it do a ballet on your tongue and enjoy? Life these days has become a busy-ness. Busyness and Anxiety robs our joy. If only ...
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  • Sonia Samuel
    December 11, 2015

    Behold and Bow

    Clear blue sky, above me lies Dancing like, a dabbling dice How I wonder, why so blue, I stare at it, without a clue ....
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